Personal Statement

I am a stay at home mom.  I married my high school sweetheart 18 years later.  Long story.  He has 3 kids boy, girl, boy.  I have 1 daughter.  We have been ttcing our first for almost 5 years after he had a reversal done on his vasectomy he had done 10 years prior. 

July 8, 2010.  Update.  Dh and I are no longer ttcing.  I am now back in school to earn my degree in ECE or early childhood education.  Would like to work with infants and toddlers. 

My Kids
  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 20 years old
  • Boy
    Joss 23 years old
  • Girl
    Maloupu 24 years old
  • Boy
    Tasi 26 years old
More Kids