Personal Statement

i am a stay at home mom. i have 3 children that i remember giving birth to and at  least 10 who swear they are mine! i'm the cool mom with all the kids at her house all the time. i am always cooking or baking something and i always have lotsa kids here laughing and sometimes fighting and always giving me big hugs! i love to write, draw and sing. i have writren a childrens book and 2 1/2 romance novels that i would love to publish. i would love to write and design my own greeting cards! i love to sing karaoke! my best freind and i also have a smal  prison minisrty going right now where we write letters and make cards with card stock and markers to send to guys in jail and prison who either we know or we know their family members. it' is truely a blessing , they are so grateful not to be forgotton. we try to send encouraging words and bible verses ect. they do respond and say the truely appreciate all we are doing. it's a blessing to us and we are always looking to add names!

My Kids
  • courtney
    courtney 26 years old
  • cody
    cody 27 years old
  • cole
    cole 34 years old