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hey all, I accually use to be on here all the time but that was back in 2007!  lol so it's been a while, but glad o see this site is still here!!

    i am not great w/ computers or spelling, but old enough where it doesn't stress me so much~LOL  I LOVE MY KIDS! & MY FIDS !! I may not get right back to u, if u invite me, or write me a note, but that's only b/c i am still trying to get it all set up, and look around to see what's what, then figure out  HOW to do what i i am a bit slow w/ all the page stuff, like WHY are there 2 chatterboxes?? hmmmm.....but I really DO love metting new ppl & talkting 'bout my Fav. subjects!!!


My Kids
  • Girl
    iz 14 years old
  • Boy
    ry 16 years old
  • Girl
    trin 17 years old
  • Girl
    tay 18 years old
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