Personal Statement

Hello everyone,

I'm a married, Christian mom of five!! I'm actively involved in the ministry. I'm a praise dancer and I teach children's praise dance at my church. I've also taught children's church for years. I believe that family is the most important thing in my life outside of my faith. I spend countless hours teaching and praying for my children. I feel that if I don't teach them, the world will have it's way, but train a child in the way that they should go and when old they will not stray. I'm very friendly and funny! I love to laugh and have fun.

My hobbies are reading, writing, music and dancing. I also love to made home cooked meals. Decorating is a passion of mine as well. I'm working on a book at this moment entitled "Lord, Help Us All!" I'm also writing a collection of poetry, discussing my walk with Christ. Thanks for taking time out to read about me!!

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