Personal Statement

1. I'm a rollerbladin' momma.
2. Pet peeve: rude & impatient people.
3. I love critical thinking and individuals who think before they speak.
4. I have one dog (a black and white Corgi/Border Collie mix) and six cats. And no, I can't keep up with the vacuuming, it's insane.
5. Favorite show right now is The Big Bang Theory, it rocks!
6. I hate cauliflower . . . ugh!
7. Favorite food (one of many): Spicy Veggie Stirfry with Brown Rice and Noodles.
8. I support gay rights and marriage (civil unions would be okay, too).
9. My favorite season is autumn (it's good rollerblading weather).
10. I love sarcasm and people who aren't P.C.: makes life much more enjoyable!!