Personal Statement

♥Hi, glad you decided to read this♥.  I am Mom to 5 kids, the youngest 2 are twins and they are 15. Each day is a different day because one of the twins is Autistic and we never know what we will face that day.

10 things about me...hmmmm...what to say :)

1. I am a mother to 5 kids 31, 29, 25, and twins who are 15 (one has Aspergers). I have 4 Grandkids but only one of them lives close. I am a single parent.

2. I am a biker chic :)

3. I like to do karaoke, crochet, and design tags

4. I try not to act my age (or look it) I am very vain about my grey hairs so I dye my hair all the

5. My favorite music is rock/hard rock/some metal.

6. I was born and raised in Allentown, Pa....(yes, I am a damn Yankee).have lived in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Alaska (my first hubs was in the AF). I lived in New Mexico for most of my adult life and moved to Kansas in 2010 to be closer to my parents. I lost my Dad in Oct of 2015....I miss him every single day and still go to pick up the phone to talk to him. My Mom and Dad were married 53 years

7. My faves are : pink, pinuptoons, Dallas Cowboys, #48 Jimmie Johnson with NASCAR, Philadelphia Flyers, NCIS, NCIS LA......

8. I haven't drank a soda in 29 years and I drive a stick shift

9. I collect porcelain fairies, ceramic strawberries for my kitchen, and Tigger stuff

10. I have a blog where I write tuts and sometimes make stuff for blog trains. I also love to make custom tags where you pick the kit and tell me what you would like.


My Kids
  • Boy
    Tyler 17 years old
  • Boy
    Blake 17 years old
  • Girl
    Kassie 27 years old
  • Boy
    Cole 30 years old
  • Boy
    James 32 years old
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