Personal Statement

10. I LOVE to read.

9. My kids are my life and everything I do is surrounded with them.

8. My hubby and I have spend 2 months together since we've been married.

7. I can't STAND cooked mushrooms..or eggs.

6. My daughter and I are the only ones who are left handed.

5. I sometimes don't answer my phone just cause I don't feel like talking to included.

4. My house is usually toy-strewn. everyday.

3. I complain that my butt hurts from sitting at the computer for too long, but I never actually get up and leave the computer.

2. I like to wear sweats and hubby's t shirts almost everyday..unless I have to go somewhere.

1. No matter what, I am and will always be a laid back, sometimes lazy, mostly complaining, but never uncaring mother of three and wife of a wonderful man.

My Kids
  • Cameron
    Cameron 9 years old
  • Bailey
    Bailey 13 years old
  • Andrew
    Andrew 15 years old