Personal Statement

10 things your should know about me:

1. I love my kids more than anything!

2. I gave birth to both my kids naturally- no epidural!

3. I'm a vegetarian and I love to eat organic fruits and vegetable.

4. My husband left me, so I'm a single mom.

5. I work at home and part time at an office.

6. I spent five years in Asia: 2 years in the Philippines and 3 years in Taiwan as a teacher.

7. I don't vaccinate my children. I believe vaccine are dangerous and unsafe.

8. I breastfeed and LOVE it!

9. I am a Christian and God is my strength!

10. I love people and love making new friends.

My Kids
  • Frayne Liam
    Frayne Liam 6 years old
  • Anika
    Anika 8 years old