Personal Statement

hello all you mothers out there my name is theresa i love to work but not everyday sometimes i just feel like quittin but i keep goin im kind get along with any one im friendly wat ever i do i always put god first i love doing family gathering goin to the movies park just living it up
im a mother of four children two boys and two girls i raised them by myself it was hard but i thank god for blessin me to take care of them and didnt give up im kind and sweet person so to you mothers raising a child or children dont give up theres a brighter tomorrow keep yo head up pray till something happens our children might get on our last nerves but remember we were young before we are lookin at the past of how we use to do to our moms.

My Kids
  • Girl
    jennifer 35 years old
  • Boy
    boss... 37 years old
  • Girl
    naomi 38 years old
  • Boy
    marlon sr 40 years old
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