Personal Statement

As a parent potty training can be a very frustrating time for both you and your baby, but you should be patient as a parent when you are training your child. It's import that you don’t make your toddler reluctant or fearful during toilet training.

It should ideally be your toddler who should be able to show you when they want to use the potty. They should also be trained knowledgeable enough as how to physically use their potty. This is where your job as a parent comes into the picture as you should be the one who should be able to spot the signs that your child is ready to use their potty.

As a parent never force your child to sit on a potty. Because if you do this then it will only cause you major problems with your potty training program.

Before you begin this great task, it’s necessary for you to clear your schedule for a few days. If you are too busy and unable to spend some quality time with your child as you have other commitments, then it will be a wrong way to start toilet training your child. This is why it becomes necessary that you keep a normal routine while you help your child to get through this process. In order to be successful in your potty training mission, here are some signs which you should look for:

Some of the physical signs to watch for in your child:

  • Is your child able to walk and run without falling down?

  • Is your child having regular bowel movements?

Some of the behavioral signs to watch for:

  • Your child is restless and wishes to do things on their own and explore.

  • They even want to watch you go to the bathroom so that they are able to see what you are doing.

  • Your toddler doesn't like having a wet or dirty diaper on.

It is a fact that every child is different. Hence as a parent you should not be discouraged if your child is not at all interested in going to the bathroom rather you should appreciate the moments with your baby. This is because soon your child will grow up and you will be missing these lovely times. You can read more potty training and bed wetting tips on my Potty Training Child blog.

My Kids
  • Boy
    Tom 14 years old
  • Girl
    Jenny 17 years old
  • Boy
    Mike 20 years old