Personal Statement

Well where do I start? I am a single mother of two beautiful children. They bring such joy to my life and are the only reasons that I can make it through another day.I am a dolphin fanatic and I watch way to much VH1 reality. When it comes to school some people say I am a perfectionist, if I make anything less than an A I loose it. I have graduated from GSCC with my degree in Paralegal Studies. I am now attending GSCC once again to get my transfer credits for my BS in Political Science, then it's off to Law School. Anyway I would say that I am a very giving person, sometimes too giving and that I have a pretty good disposition, some people might not agree with that but hey I can't please everyone and have no plans of doing so. I am one of those types of people that I will love you and be your friend or whatever I am at that point in time, and then the minuet you stick a knife in my back it's all over for you. I love to laugh and have fun and try to make the most out of situations but there are just somethings that you can't fix. I love spending time with my kids. It's so fun watching them play together and how much they love each other. They are both growing so quickly and I know that one day I am going to blink my eyes and it all be gone so this goes for any situation make the most of it or all you'll have is lost memories.

Well as some of you know I went through a really ugly divorce last year. What you might not know is that I am dating again. So we'll see what happens with this one.  I am not looking to get really serious and he feels the same way. He is a really great guy, alot better than my ex. So anyway thanks for stopping by have a great day.

My Kids
  • Elissa
    Elissa 11 years old
  • Richard
    Richard 14 years old