Personal Statement

Hey everyone.. It has been forever since this was updated so.. I am Stefanie, mother of 2 gorgeous little boys (Auron & Zane).. I am married, happily and have been so for almost 7 years.. My husband is not only my soul mate, but my best friend as well.. I think i was meant for the coast.. I do love the snow, but love the smell & humidity of the coast much better.. I am carefree and live for the moment, not the future.. I don't force my boys to go to church, my oldest loves his bible class though.. They are both terribly spoiled and get pretty much everything they want.. They are hyper and fight constantly.. I coslept for years and probably still would if DH would let me.. I love animals until they tear into my trash bags outside.. I put my Christmas tree up in early November every year.. =) Enough about me.. You get the point! I'm easy to get along with but am an honest person..

My Kids