Personal Statement

I'm a touring muscians "widow" with 3 children. DH is touring (industrial -metal stadium tours)on average 5-6 months straight every other year. That's much less than before. I hold the fort down. Our fort is a small farmette ina rural area with most of our neighbors being plain people, about 1/2 are buggy drivers. We raise peafowl, pygmy goats and heritage breed turkeys, as well as a few fancy poultry for fun. There is no family within several hours drive. We are 18th century living history participants with a Native American and Pa Dutch persona, both our actual heritage. Our children are 12 and some 13 generation Americans. I also transcribe and study old cemeteries and headstones, with concentration of conservation of pioneer Rev. War family burial areas. I am also a pretty avid genealogist.

My Kids
  • Rigel
    Rigel 14 years old
  • Lyra
    Lyra 18 years old
  • Willow
    Willow 20 years old