Personal Statement

Patrick and I have been married since Jan.19, 2008.We got married at Liberty Christian Church. By our pastor Tom Cash. I found out I was pregnant on Dec. 29 2007. It was 5 days after Chirstmas  and 2 days after my birthday.   I had Taylor Grace Goodnight on July 19th. I had her c-section. she was born at 2:25pm she weighed 6lbs and 14oz. and she was 19 1/2 inches girl

We became parents again to a wonderful little boy in Febuary 2010. He was born at 10:30 am. He weighed 9 lbs 1oz. He was 21 3/4 long. We named him Caden Austinbaby boy

We are going to rasie our children in the Christian faith!

My Kids
  • Caden Austin
    Caden... 4 years old
  • Taylor Grace
    Taylor... 6 years old