Personal Statement

I am a 40 plus mother of one living in the Nashville, TN area. Moved here in 2002, married my wonderful husband in 2004 and gave birth to my son in 2006. I also have a page on facebook and myspace but find it hard to keep them all updated. I spend so much time on the computer at work it is sometimes hard to motivate myself to get online at home. I'd rather hang out with my family. BUT I want to connect with other people and keep up with other family and with old friends. My husband and I don't know too many people outside of work.  We aren't the most social people around. I spend my spare time "trying" to promote my interests and get better acquainted with God.  Living without Him is just not an option. I'm also a self taught artist constantly trying to improve my skill.

My Kids
  • Hunter
    Hunter 11 years old