Personal Statement

I'm the  mother of three amazing children, and lovin' it!  Recently moved back to Western Michigan to be closer to my oldest daughter, and also so my youngest could have an opportunity to hang with her sister for a couple of years before she graduates high school.  I've been in Christian music ministry for over 22 years and am working on my second book.  I'd really like to go back to school, so we'll see!  Some of my favorites are:  sugar-free mochas, bagels w/lox, quiet snow falls at night, the beach, jazz & classic rock (what a combo), Pirates of the Caribbean and Nemo  :), pink, and CHOCOLATE!  (Couldn't forget that one)

My Kids
  • Lauren
    Lauren 27 years old
  • Laura
    Laura 33 years old
  • Adam
    Adam 35 years old