Personal Statement

Hey there friends !! My name is Tammy and I am a proud stay at home mom and proud Army Wife !! We have 3 kids together. Chris is 5 and is growing to fast and asks so many questions and might have ADHD. Avery is 3 and our little monkey who likes to climb on everything. Trinity is our 3rd child in the lords hands. She was Christopher's twin sister who passed at 2 days of birth and we miss her everyday !! I love starbucks it's like my crack, I love chocolate, I love going for walks and I love to do Zumba !! I am here to meet friends and help with support if you need it !! I love my husband and kids more than anything !! They are my reason for waking !!

My Kids
  • Avery
    Avery 11 years old
  • Christopher
    Christopher 13 years old
  • Trinity Autumn
    Trinity... 13 years old