Personal Statement

I am 21years old. I have 1 child and 2 soon-to-be stepdaughters whom I absolutely positively adore to pieces. I am in the process of a divorce. When my divorce is final I plant to marry again. My fiance wants to adopt my son. I know what youre thinking 21 and going on a 2nd marriage? But I will tell you this if I had met Ricky (my fiance) first i would have married him. He is the greatest man I have ever known!! He rocks my world!!! I am now currently expecting a baby. I am due March 11 2009. I am so very excited.

My Kids
  • Boy
    Isaiah 9 years old
  • Anthonie
    Anthonie 11 years old
  • Ashlyn
    Ashlyn 13 years old
  • Emily
    Emily 14 years old
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