Personal Statement

A little bit about me....hmmm.....what do you want to know?

My name is Laura.  I'm 31 years old and I've been married to my husband, Matt, for almost twelve years now.

We have 3 daughters: Kassie age 10, Nicole age 8 and Emily age 5. 

Kassie is in 5th grade and loves to read. 

Nicole my 8 year old, little princess. She loves to wear dresses everyday and throws a fit if she can't. 

 Emily is my 5 year old Kindergartener.  She loves school, to read and to draw.

 Getting to know me:

1. Orange is my favorite color.

2. We live in the house I grew up in.

3.  I collect gingerbread men things.

4.  I love to take pictures.

5.  I'm a successful work at home mom.

6.  I only get some "me" time once every other month.

7.  I've been to the top of Mt. Washington in NH.

8.  My favorite movie right now is "Burlesque" with Christina Aguliera.

9.  I love to watch Grey's Anatomy, FlashPoint, Survivior, Private Practice,  I Love Lucy, Ringer and a few others.

10. I have OCD about some things....the laundry needs to be folded my way and the canned goods need to be in "their" spot




My Kids
  • Emily
  • Nicole
  • Kassie