Personal Statement

1. My family always comes first with me

2. I actually love my job

3. Love to read, walk, go fishing, cook and bake, garden, shop even if it's window shopping, spending time with friends

4. Don't like people lying

5. I tutor kids of all ages in school work

6. I like the simple things in life, ie sunny days, snuggling with my fiance, spending time with my kids, laughing

7. Love the winter!!!!!

8. Love to chat with friends

9. Feel very strongly about the environment and that we should be doing more to set right what we have messed up

10. My personal motto is: Live like there is no tommorow, Laugh like you never have before, Love with all your heart, and Dance like there is no one watching you!

My Kids
  • Boy
    Stephen 24 years old
  • Girl
    Jessica 28 years old