Personal Statement

happyI'm a wifey and a mommy to a strong black man and 4 beautiful girls. I enjoy reading and listening to music.  I work Mon.-Fri. and I'm off on weekends.  The weekends are supposed to be for relaxing, but relaxing is the last thing I do.  But, after it's all said and done, I love taking care of my family. This is what it's all about. A relaxing time for me would be to read a good book and have a nice chilled glass of wine. Sounds corny and cliche to some, but that would be heaven for me! (smile) 

My Kids
  • Anyra
    Anyra 10 years old
  • Madison
    Madison 17 years old
  • Artavia
    Artavia 24 years old
  • Jessica
    Jessica 26 years old
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