Personal Statement

Well my worlds in a nutshell.... well where should I begin, I'm a pretty off beat "cool" mom as my oldest calls me lol. I love to just hang around and have a movie night on the weekends with the kids, play board games, I love all kinds of video games, the PC ones mostly. Well when the weathers nicer we like to go fishing, and on hikes. I try to keep pretty active. We've travelled around alot while my husband was Active duty Army. but now we're finally back home since hes discharged. Im currently in school full time. I love my music which varies in everything. well.. I can't think of much more for now but Ill probably put more in eventually.

My Kids
  • Expecting
    Kai or... I'm Pregnant!
  • Boy
    Jordan 10 years old
  • Boy
    Aiden 16 years old
  • Boy
    kirk 16 years old
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