Personal Statement

~ My name's Kayla, but you can call me Kay.

~ I'm twenty-five years old.

~ I'm a stay-at-home mom to my beautiful daughter.

~ I've been married to her father, the love of my life and best friend, for six years!

~ I love photography and reading.

~ I'm a huge movie buff and watch a ton of TV!

~ My favorite color is turquoise.

~ I have two furbabies: Tess is a three-year-old Boxer/Shar-Pei Mix and Ruby is a two-year-old Hound/Pit Bull Mix. They are my four-legged children!

~ I was raised in a Conservative Christian household, but am actually a very Liberal Atheist.

~ I'm a very quiet person and tend to keep to myself. I'm quite the introvert.

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My Kids
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