Personal Statement

Hi Everyone,

My name is Paula and I am 32 years old. I am married with one daughter who is 10 years old, a son who is 5 (he is autistic) and a baby boy. I currently live in Indiana but am orginally from California.

I am happy to meet you all and hope to make some new "mom" friends here. As a mother it is hard to hang out with my single non-children friends. They don't understand what it is like to have kids so at times I think they get a little stressed when I we hang out with My kids. So I would like to meet other moms to make play dates with and give my daughter and son a chance to make some new friends too.

My Kids
  • Boy
    Dante 4 years old
  • Boy
    Phoenix... 9 years old
  • Girl
    Kiela Kaye 14 years old