Personal Statement

I'm a single mom,  I need to find a better work from home job any ladies know of a good one that doesn't  cost an arm and a leg?  Even tho times is rough for us I thank god for what I do have. I love my church Family I go every sunday. I love meeting new friends and I love my old ones. I love to hug. I lost my fave uncle in April and I got his teddy bears. I have 50 now I started out with 20.I collect other stuff cause I got my uncles so I add to whatever he collected.I'm paying a wonderful memory to him by making a scrapbook album of him. I have some family but they can be a pain. My dads family. I love music and dancing, flowers, yellow roses  were my moms faves. I love horses, and my step moms mule Fancy!!! My son is 13 years old he is a special needs kid. He is in Special Oylmpics. I now love to read books two of my Fave authors are JeffersonBass and Patricia Cornwell I read forensic sstories and true crime but maybe other books if they seem intresting .My mom could read a Valley of the Dolls type novel in 2 days or maybe 3.

I just found out last Thursday Oct 2 I have diabetes type2 , I cried off and on for few days. My uncle not the one who died in April but his older brother had type 2 and the took his leg off at his knee. I pray I won't have to go through that, I may already have neuropathy, I try to deal with it and smile


My Kids
  • Boy
    justin 22 years old