Personal Statement

Hi'ya Ladies and Growing Momma's ...

Todays Top 10 Things to Know about me -

1. I LOVE Arts In Wonderland - Our New Business ... going strong for almost a year now .... and typing


2. I enjoy life .. I live 1 day @ a time ..

3. I am a Mommy of 2 .. 1 boy ( 7 yrs old) ROCKY *yeah the name is perfect for Him, and boy does it show, Mom and dads little jedi !!  And 1 girl (5 yrs old)  Olivia - Ummm, I mean Princess Olivia my dear :) !  She is mommy's and daddy's princess !

4. Married to the best Man in the WORLD, sorry ladies, he's taken :)   And he loves me too !!  He is one very very sweet caring, loving, understanding, growing husband Joe ....  We have been together (since 2000 december) and married since October 7th, 2005  !!  

5.  We Just started a small business, giving it a shot !!   What a fun time, we get to stay home and work and it's really working out quite nicely ... please view our new online ETSY store - and please add us on facebook

6.  I love to chat and meet new moms, that's why I joined this site ... !!   I am kinda new at trying to make friends with strangers, so once again bear w/ me :)  

7. I am kind, sweet, caring, honest, loving, funny, easy to get along w/ type of person, which you will be able to see once we start talking!

8. I don't take myself so seriously anymore, unless it's the place and time.

9. I am REAL :)

10. I LOVE my new life, that our family has started !!

1 more for extra credit - I give HUGS when I meet someone !!  I'm a hugger ....   Yeahoo, I got extra credit .. LOL !!   

group hughugshugging

My Kids
  • Girl
    Olivia 13 years old
  • Boy
    Rocky 15 years old