Personal Statement

I'm a military wife...been married to my wonderful AF husband for 9 years now. We have three beautiful sons together, and are thinking about adopting in the future.

I'm very into politics....EXTREMELY liberal democrat.  I'm pro-choice; pro-equal marriage; for universal healthcare; and I believe STRONGLY that the separation of church and state should be strengthened and better enforced (especially after 8 years of the American Taliban being given free reign.)

My sons are circumcised, immunized, and both breast and bottle fed. I personally don't give a rat's ass about other's opinions regarding any of these topics. My children are happy and healthy and I can only do what I believe to be best for them.

I LOVE movies. We should own stock in Netflix.

I'm into photography, traveling, and reading.

We've been stationed in South Carolina, Alaska, Virginia, and we are currently in Maryland. We are trying to go to Europe for our next station, preferably Italy, but Germany and England are also possibilities. We've both lived in Germany before (we were both Army brats), and we are really looking forward to getting back to Europe and letting our boys experience different cultures.