Personal Statement

Hi!, I'm a 31 year old new mother. After dating for 4 years, my husband & I got married in June '06. We are perfect compliments. (Or polar opposites. LOL) We just had our first baby; a boy that we are both completely in love with. 

I believe that it is my God given directive to do the best job I can at training my son to be a great man. If that means I have to spank him so be it. If this offends you, that's fine. You won't have to watch. It will be done privately to preserve his dignity. Humiliation is not the same thing as training or correcton.

I believe that we should help our neighbors. It makes our society stronger. I do NOT believe that said help should be government mandated.

I selectively vaccinate.

There is a time and place for modern medicine. But it is a cash cow that has gotten out of control. We take the less is more approach. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves. We should do what we can to allow that process to unfold with little interference. This is all in moderation, of course. As I said there is a time and place...


I am staunchly conservative on most issues. Surprisingly so, for those who judge before they get to know me. My DH is much more liberal. The best part is that, when he's older, our son can only rebel against one of us at a time. J


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