Personal Statement

Hello my name is Sherry. I'm a 24 year old momma to Tiffany. I have an amazing family is who helping raise my daughter till she is old enough to live with me. I'm both mentally and physically disabled. I cannot live alone or with my daughter. Around her I go in mom mode and want to do everything for her and get very depressed when I can't. The epidural and blood patch I had after birth has disabled me I'm not fixable but you bet your ass I'm trying all I can. And if this is hard to read I wouldn't be surprised. I'm pretty mentally disabled. I was in a car crash at 18 month old and hit my head split it open and fractured the scull. I almost didn't make it but thanks to childrens hospital and the plastic surgion its a barely visable scar going accrost my head. Left me with pretty much no menory. I remeber a total of a few months of my entire life. And rember spelling and grammar is funny. Trust me I try it doesn't work. I'm a nice funny person though who gets along with most people as long as your nice to me. and if your not I prob wouldn't even remeber it from 1 post to another. Anthing else just ask I'm a open book

My Kids
  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 7 years old