Personal Statement

10 things I love-

1.  Country Music

2.  The Oakland Athletics

3.  Fishing

4.  The color pink

5.  Baking and decorating cakes

6.  Sleeping in my comfy bed with my pets

7.  Rodeos

8.  Concerts

9.  Tattoos

10.  Coffee

10 things I hate-

1.  Football

2.  Immigrants who don't respect the country they gladly moved to for a better life.

3.  Idiot Drivers

4.  Green Olives

5.  Being interrupted while in the middle of a sentence, specifically by adults.

6.  Pee on the toilet sit.  Lift the darn thing up, I can put it down myself, thanks.

7.  Being spoken to like I'm an idiot.

8.  Theives and greedy people

9.  Laziness

10.  When my food orders are incorrect.

My Kids
  • Girl
    Miranda... 5 years old
My Friends