Personal Statement

Hello!  My name is Jessica Perez  and I am a proud army wife and mom to two beautiful little boys.  I am a stay at home mom, I home school and yes, my son is socialized and no, we don't need your opinion!  ;)   We attend a wonderful home church and love our sunday school - Go Whitlocks! :)

I am transitioning into a new stage of my life and have embarked on a journey of learning and discovery and developing quite thick skin along the way.  I have written the first in a series of Children's novellas and am in the process of trying to find either an agent or a publisher who will accept proposals. 

The stories are loosely based on my own childhood growing up overseas as a missionary kid!  While greatly exaggerated, the stories are wildly entertaining and designed to portray a Biblical theme while exposing children to new cultures and languages!

For more information, please look us up!  Pogo's Kids is now on facebook, twitter and blogspot! 

Look forward to seeing ya!  Adios!