Personal Statement

1. I am a born again believer in my Lord Jesus.

2. I am married to my best friend Stephen

3. I am a mother to 6 grown children.

4. I have 8 beautiful grandbabies

5. I love to garden.

6. I love the mountains and to hike in them.

7. I am a Bookaholic.

8. I love to crochet and going to teach myself to quilt.

9. I love wolves.

10. I have my youngest boy in Afghanistan.


My Kids
  • Boy
    Jonathan 34 years old
  • Boy
    Stephen 36 years old
  • Girl
    Samantha... 37 years old
  • Boy
    Ian 41 years old
  • Boy
    Kelly 43 years old
  • Boy
    Ken Wallace 46 years old
More Kids