Personal Statement


 Well, so me fun stuff is that I love is chinese food and Grey's Anatomy.  Having them together is even better.  I love date night with my husband which consists of a movie at home and a fun snack.  We take turns picking one of the movies.  We appreciate that time together so much since we have had a baby.  You never realize how much a nap means to you too when you have a baby too.  hahah  We had our baby January 3, 2007.  She has done nothing but change our life in a amazing positive way.  I added a list of some things you can know about me.

Top ten things you shoud know about me:

10.  I am a serial dieter and I hate that about myself.

9.  Hate that I am constantly worried about what others think of me.

8. Love anything that is pink!!

7.  Hate to have conflicts with friends and family..  Wish things could always be the brighter side.

 6.  Always the "peacemaker"  for life with friends and family.

5.  I have a huge heart and love helping people no matter what the situation.

4.  Love Love Love my dog

3.  Best friend to all!!!  Friendship means the world to me. 

2. Love my parents sooooooooo much.  We are all so close and it means so much to me.

1.  My husband and baby are my entire world.  I would not know what to do without them!!!!

My Kids
  • Girl
    Emily 11 years old