Personal Statement

Top ten things about me….

  1. I am a Stay at home mom
  2. I am an artist
  3. I have 3 tattoos/7piercings
  4. I love to chat meet new people
  5. I am a natural blond but haven’t seen it in 7 years
  6. I am Married
  7. I am open minded
  8. I give To much information about myself LOL
  9. I am a dog person all the way….I like birds too
  10. I complain about my husband a lot but I really love him and he is a good guy

Top 10 things I like…

  1. Dogs
  2. Art
  3. Talking
  4. playing online games
  5. Tattoos/piercing
  6. Open minded and hearted people
  7. posting random things about my daily life
  8. Taking pictures
  9. nature
  10. Planting things (whether they live or not is another story!)

My Kids
  • Boy
    Tru 14 years old