Personal Statement

I am a mother of three and a naunnie of one.  Daughters Yolie 24, Jessie 21, one Kai 2 years, and grandaughter Teya, (Teyacapan) 1 year old. I am in my second marraige who by the way is 11  years younger so he is also like another child. lol. .  I work outside my home and also do Aztec dancing in my free time along with my daughers.  Dancing our native dances brings us closer as a family and even closer to other danzas.  I live in beautiful southern  california and would live no where else!  My goal in life is to stay close to my family and cherish life as it is.  I try to live each day  with no regrets as I have lost too many loved ones in the past.

My Kids
  • kai
    kai 11 years old
  • jessie
    jessie 30 years old
  • yolanda
    yolanda 34 years old