Personal Statement

My Name is Lisa.  I live in Fort Worth Texas.  I am married with 6 kids.  I am going to College.  My husband works over night.  I am looking for friends.  I love spending time with my family.  But with School and my husbands night job we have very little time together.  My kids are my world.  They are what is keeping me going.  I have lived in Texas for about 7 yrs now.  I was born and raised in Williamsport,Pa.  I love Texas and would never move way from here.  My husband andI meet at Waffle House. We have been Married for two yrs now. My 13 month old is his and my 3yr old is his.  My other 4 kids are not his but you can not tell because he loves them like there were his

My Kids
  • Faith
    Faith 11 years old
  • Scott
    Scott 14 years old
  • Bethanine
    Bethanine 16 years old
  • Aaron
    Aaron 18 years old
  • Austin
    Austin 20 years old
  • Ashley
    Ashley 24 years old
More Kids