Personal Statement

My Name is Marie I am a Mother of 5 wonderful children.  Tragedy struck my household last year when my oldest child overdose on a Over the Counter medication called Coricidin Cough and Cold aka "trpile c'c or skittles". The kids these days do not even have to go to a drug dealer to get high they just need a little cash and a local pharmacy or any store that sells cough syrup. I am here to offer my knowledge of the subject with other parents so we can help to slow this epidemic down. I also feel that if we ask the state to change some laws so that these medications are less likely to be used and abused by children.  Thank You and if you want links to any of the sites I have access to so you can talk to your kids about this don't be shy just PM me and I will gladly give you the links and any information that I may personally have please come and pick my brain I will be more than happy to help.