Personal Statement

I am lazy so I am doing the Top 10 things:

1. I am a christian.

2. I love crafts and anything craft related, although I am not too good at scrapbooking.

3. I am moving soon and I am really excited about it. the only downside? Packing by myself with a toddler! LOL

4.I have a terrible sense of humor. No, really, noone ever gets my jokes, or if they do, they get really offended(I have a graveyard sense of humor and find people hurting themselves to be high comedy! LOL-See? Told you, not funny)

5. My favorite colors are coral, wtaermelon, and rust. I am really minimalist in my decorating. I like modern Victorian looks with big, bold patterns and colors, and I tend to stay within earth tones and tropicals.

6. I hate my hair. No, really, I think it needs to be shaved all off, and be replaced with a wig. Unfortunately, my dh isn't too big on the idea, so until he comes around, I have to fight daily battles to get it to look contained.

7. I have freckles, but they are so light, that people can't see them when I wear makeup, so most don't know I have them. I wear makeup when I leave the house because I hate to be seen "naked" in public(it's a Southern thang, y'all)

8. I am Southern. Like hard-core, Southern Baptist, eat corn bread, swill seet tea with enough sugar to give a horse diabetes, jasmine perfume, Southern. I fortunately think the KKK is evil, so don't worry about that! LOL I just really beleive in the Southern take-it-easy lifestyle and principles and apply them to my life whenever I can.

9. I am seriously long-winded! LOL Can you tell? I love to talk, and some consider me vain for liking the sound of my own voice so much! LOL

10. I spoil my dd rotten. Trust me, she is pure brat because of me spoiling her! LOL

My Kids
  • Girl
    Cailleigh 11 years old