Personal Statement

I'm just me and that's all I can be! I'm a stay-at-home mom of a rowdy almost 2-yr-old boy, James Anthony (aka JJ) and wife of an almost equally rowdy husband, James (whom I love dearly!). I worked in the medical field until my boy was about 6 mos. old, when I felt in my heart that God did not bless me with this beautiful child to have me work my butt off to pay someone else to raise him for me--I didn't want to be told about him hitting the milestones, I wanted to be with him to experience them with him!! I plan to hopefully return to the workforce, but for the time being, we are happy (although poorer! lol) Anything else....just ask! I'm looking for new friends!!

My Kids
  • JJ
    JJ 10 years old