Personal Statement

I have recently returned to the US with my family after living overseas for the past 10 years. Because I am such an extrovert, I got tired of just staying at home waiting for 2:15 when my kids would get off the bus. I began volunteering at my boys school. It was probably the most rewarding experience because I not only got to see my boys in action, but I was also interacting with all the kids at their school AND, meeting other moms who were in my same situation! Since then, I have found out that the moms I met volunteering, live in my neighborhood and we have really started to become fast friends. And, the librarian with whom I worked with convinced me to become a substitute teacher for the fall!! This really has changed my whole outlook of coming back to the states for the better.

My Kids
  • Boy
    DAVID 18 years old
  • Boy
    THOMAS 21 years old