Personal Statement

I decided to update my personal statement and oddly enough it's kind of hard.

I started by doing a top ten list, but that entire list revolved around Regina Spektors music, Steve Burns and my daughter.

I am married to a really great guy. We started dating when I was in high school and have been together since. (8 years). Got married. Had the kid. He's finishing up his teaching certification and has been in the army for 8 years.

I haven't finished school yet. I'm a procrastinator and this is just one of the long list of things I procrastinated.

I'm teaching my daughter that Regina Spektor is by far the best music out there. <3 and that Blues Clues is an awesome show and she should continue to watch for my love of Steve Burns  her entertainment. -Coughcough.-


My Kids
  • Girl
    Gwynnie 12 years old