Personal Statement

I am a thirty-something year old teacher who is blessed to be married to the most wonderful hubby and daddy out there.  He delights me most days and aggravates me others but I love him with all my heart.  We have a beautiful daughter, Gillian, who is 5 years old and an 18 month old son, Blake.  They are the lights of my life.  Gillian has a rare genetic disorder called Phalen-McDermid Syndrome.  It causes the loss of speech, global developmental delays, intellictual disabilities (formally called metal retardation but we don't like that word) fine and gross motor skill problems, autistic characteristics, and many many other things...  Along with that she also has a pretty trying case of ADHD.  Despite all of this, we love her with all our hearts!  My son, Blake is a little charmer.  He loves to "talk on the phone", play with his trucks and go outside.  He's getting really good at throwing fits at the moment and has an ear piercing scream that would wake the dead. My husband and I had a son August 21, 2007, his name is Payton Ryan and he was stillborn.  We were absolutely devastated!  Our entire world crashed down around us.  We have since discovered that I have a genetic blood disorder, MTHFR, that causes blood clots.  This blood disorder caused my son's placenta to clot off the cord, and all the veins and arteries which caused him to not have any blood, oxygen or nutrition and eventually caused his death.  We long for our little man daily.   I have faith that everything happens for a reason, Payton probably saved my life by alerting me of this possibly fatal disorder. 

My Kids
  • Blake Matthew
    Blake... 9 years old
  • Payton Ryan
    Payton Ryan 10 years old
  • Gillian Elizabeth
    Gillian... 14 years old