Personal Statement

Hi my name is Lisa. I am trying to have my first child but this is our second time trying to get pregnant. My husband and i are proud parents of two wonderful angels. We was found out we are pregnant a month before our wedding and then after we came home from our honeymoon we found we was blessed with twins. Everything was great until Dec. Early dec we found out baby a was not growing right because i developed twin to twin syndrome so i went and had surgery to try and save our boys it but my little baby Jacob (baby a) didnt make it to the next day. and Cooper (baby b) ended up passing too on Dec 17th and i went into pre term labor and delivered them both on the 18th. So we have been trying since Feb. it has been hard but i look at their pictures every day and talk to them like they was here and i am ready to give it another shot!! I love you and miss so much Jacob and Cooper!!