Personal Statement

I am 23 years old! I am married to the love of my life, Kendahl. I have two beautiful children, Kylee and Allyson. They are my life.

My Top 10!

1. I love storms! Their is something about their power that I think makes them beautiful and I know that only God could create them!

2.My favorite color is black!!!

3. Ive got a crazy style! I love to wear ties, crazy hats, or anything with skulls on it! I wear my Chucks (converse sneakers) everyday almost!~

4. I love tattoos! I currently have 3 but def want more!

5. I only eat ice cream when its cold outside!

6. I love heavy  metal. The louder they scream the better I like it!

7. I carry my camera everywhere and I am constantly taking pics.

8. I dye my hair as often as I can without frying it. I love to keep it different

9. My husband and my kids mean everything to me

10. I believe in the power of prayer more than anything. GOD is truly an amazing God and I am so thankful that he died to give me life!

My Kids
  • Girl
    Allyson 8 years old
  • Kylee
    Kylee 10 years old