Personal Statement

I live with my man, we have a son who is 32 months and a daughter who is 13 weeks. I am:

1. Pro-breastfeeding.

2. A student at the local community college, I wanna be a nurse

3. A tree-hugger, I recycle, steer clear of disposables (except for diapers, sorry!) and buy green products and organic stuff as much as possible. I wanna save the planet and all the animals.

4. A liberal democrat who believes that the road to hell is paved with republicans. I am very opinionated when it comes to issues like health care reforms, gun restrictions, abortion, etc. I can't resist arguing with my relatives when they talk shit about Obama.

5. A germaphobe

6. A mom who is into tattoos and piercings and loves to mix greens and purples and grays.

7. The mother of a boy who is considered to be "speech delayed" or whatever. He will start going to preschool in August! I'm so excited, I can't wait to buy him a backpack!

8. Trying to lose weight, I work out with Gilad on FitTV.

9. Trying to find work, I have worked as a CNA but am not having luck getting a job as a CNA right now, and I have Dairy Queen experience, so I am applying at restaurants now.

10. A mom who likes art. My son and color together, I wanna introduce paints and doing crafts. I also like poetry, paintings, theater, and of course music.

My Kids
  • Evie May
    Evie May 8 years old
  • Samuel
    Samuel 10 years old