Personal Statement


Right after my mom got custody of my 4 oldest children, I decided to try to turn my life around. I quit using drugs and have been clean for 7 years. In July of 2004 my ex and I decided to seperate due to our differences and things we wanted out of life. In October of 2005 our divorce was finaled. It had taken a year for our divorce to be completed and in this time I had met Mark. We had found out we were pregnant and November 11, 2005 we got married.

When my mom and her husband at that time had found out that we were expecting, which was shortly after we found out, they told us we could no longer see my children.
We had our daughter Arianna in January of 2006.

I had tried many times to keep in contact with my kids. Most of the time I wasn't allowed to talk to them. In December of 2006 I tried my luck and asked my mom if I could meet her somewhere to give her some presents we had bought for my kids. She called me and invited us to go see my son Tristans school program. This was the first time in almost 2 years that we got to see my kids.

I tried to work for Walmart for a couple months to see if it was something I wanted to do, and decided that I would rather be a full time mom. In July of 2007 we found out we were going to have another baby. As soon as we found out we quit smoking. We had our daughter Alyssa in February 2008. We had all my kids present for the delivery.

Due to the Economic down turn, my husband's job had cut his hours. We found out we could no longer afford our house payments and had to find another  place to live. Leon ( my mom's husband at that time) bought the trailer we found and made a contract for us to buy it from him with monthly payments.

Once things settled down, Mark and I got pregnant with a son. Tristan moved in with us in March 2009. We took him school shopping in August and prepared him for school. We had John in August 2009 and all the children were present for this birth as well. In December 2009, Tristan moved back in with his Grandma for unknown reasons by us.

In January 2010 we bought a Ford Expedition so that I had a big enough vehicle to carry all my kids. I had been looking for a lawyer for a while but knew there were some things I needed before I could do anything.
I went in and spoke with my lawyer about being my lawyer in June, to try to get custody of my kids. I took my parenting classes and in July, Tristan decided he wanted to move back in with us again. He said he was tired of all the fighting at Grandma's. So we moved everything to our place with the consent of his Grandma. In August I took him school shopping for his school clothes and got him ready for school.

I am recently studying to get my GED to better myself. We try to take the kids out to do fun things when we can, and I try to take them for overnight visits as much as allowed by their Grandmother.