Personal Statement

I get asked sometimes who is this "lighthousema24"? See I use lighthousema24 for everything on the web...lighthouses became my trademark six years ago when I directed my first Vacation Bible School at our church~Lighthouse Kids! From then on I was known as the lighthouse to kids!

"LighthouseMa24" was really quite natural...I'm mom to four wonderful children!

But who am I? I'm a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, a friend! I love my life in the country on our family homestead where my granddad was born and raised. What is a lighthousema24? I asked my best girlfriend to give me some words to describe me. This is what she said: loves kids, loving, kind, cheerful, respectable, warm, caring, giving, outgoing, creative, curious, determined, gets ecstatic, energetic, and very enlightened. She also added very dangerous if you mess with her family or friends! I knew there was some reason I love that girl!

Anyhow, that about sums up who and what this "lighthousema24" is! Any questions feel free to pm me anytime!butterfly on head

My Kids
  • Billy Joe
    Billy Joe 9 years old
  • Holly
    Holly 23 years old
  • Billster
    Billster 25 years old
  • Christina
    Christina 33 years old
  • Joe
    Joe 37 years old
  • Bill
    Bill 38 years old
More Kids