Personal Statement

10 things about me...

1.  I'm Mom to two darling girls, 9 & 5.

2.  Married 10 years come April 6.

3.  LOVES... reading (especially Harry Potter stories on Fan Fiction), Country music, swimming, watching movies.

4.  HATES... housework, cleaning up after the (naughty) cats

5.  Taught 5th gd. and school counselor for K-4.  Also subbed (for everything) K-12.  Currently K-12 substitute teacher.

6.  I'd rather stay up late and sleep in.  (I know, doesn't mesh too well with working in schools!)

7.  Teach 4th gd. CCD (religious ed)

8.  Love Crossword puzzles and recently got into Sudoku.

9.  Moved to Ottawa, KS from Lawrence, KS almost 6 yrs. ago.

10.  I'm the "Campbells Labels Lady" for our school's PTO. 

Whoo hoo!!  Exciting stuff!

My Kids
  • Girl
    Sara 12 years old
  • Girl
    Abby 15 years old