Personal Statement

It's been a while since I've updated this, so I think it's time too!

-I'm a WAHM Mom to a now four year old little girl

-I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, shopping, going to playdates, getting out of the house, having people over for cookouts, and just hanging with the girls!

-I DON'T LIKE extremely bloody gory movies, people that don't pay attention when driving, parents that ignore their kids repeatedly

-I have been married for five and a half years,  and we had a whirlwind relationship.  We dated for 8 months, got married and 6 months later we found out we were pregnant.  Our daughter is the love of our life.

-I have several business interests....I just started my own photography business, and am VERY excited!!!!  I LOVE taking pictures, they really do capture moments of time that turn into memories forever.  I'd love to take those special portraits for you, if you're interested!  You can view my website at:

-I LOVE meeting new people and would LOVE even more to make some close friends that I can call up on a whim and get together with!

Anything else, JUST ASK!

My Kids
  • Girl
    Rhanyn 13 years old