Personal Statement

I am also an artist who creates something almost everyday. I draw whatever strikes my fancy, but do a lot of faces, I am very intrigued by the human face. I also love to draw roses, I think it's the curves that have me so entranced with them but coupled with a heady sweet fragrance and an amazing color, I find them irresistable. I also love to paint, working mostly with acrylics because I adore their versatility. I have also figured out how to photograph kaleidoscopes, and have literally thousands of amazing pics. I opened my own online store at to sell some products with my "Bejeweled Kaleidescope" pics on everything from Keds shoes to stickers. If you'd like to check it out, look me up at under OriginalKillerdee187*. Zazzle has ALL the shoes hidden because they're working on bringing in new styles, I wish they'd hurry, it's been almost 3 months!

My Kids
  • Emily
    Emily 21 years old
  • Austin
    Austin 25 years old
  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 28 years old